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The Alabama Library Association (ALLA) is a non-profit corporation formed to encourage and promote the welfare of libraries and professional interests of librarians in the State of Alabama. The Mission of the Alabama Library Association is to provide leadership for the development, advocacy, and improvement of library and information services and to promote the profession of librarianship, in order to enhance learning and ensure access to information for all. Want to help the Alabama Library Association? Consider making a donation.

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From the President

Hello ALLA Members and Friends!

It has been over two month since the 2022 ALLA Convention in Montgomery and I am still elated about all the incredible programs, sessions, and events. Because pulling an in-person convention back together after more than THREE years was a group effort, I want to start with some gratitude. Convention would not have been possible without Paige Crumbley and the hardworking convention planning committee and the diligent effort of the ALLA Executive Council. I was more involved this year than ever before, and I have a new level of respect for all the work that goes into planning. We welcomed over 200 attendees, including members and presenters, association and author award winners, awardees families, and vendors. Our program presenters did a phenomenal job; their presentations were interesting, professional, and well-researched.

With convention wrapped up, it is time to build on that momentum and look to the future. It is my honor and pleasure to serve as ALLA President. I hope to continue the great work of past presidents and highlight the amazing work librarians and paralibrarians are doing across the state. For my presidency, I’d like to build on the convention theme of Social Justice by centering voices that have historically and are currently being silenced. Covid has not been the only challenge libraries are facing. Across the country, libraries are under fire. The recent inundation of book challenges and bans goes beyond the normal patron discourse. Librarians are life-long learners and at our core, we promote fairness and equity in our communities. If you have any ideas on ways we can further this work, I would love to hear from you.

Another focus of this year will be to reimagine the possibilities of future ALLA conventions. Because we will not have a “conventional convention” in 2023, we have an opportunity to evaluate what has worked great and what could be improved. I will create a representative ad hoc committee to review current convention procedures, survey the membership, and make recommendations for the future.

If you have ideas/suggestions, please forward them to me until the committee is convened.

I am so grateful to our members, you are essential to ALLA. My sincerest thanks also goes out to all division, roundtable, and committee leadership and members. I look forward to collaborating with each of you.

Amanda Melcher
President, 2022-2023

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Your membership to the Association will entitle you to a number of benefits including reduced registration for workshops and conferences; networking with library personnel statewide, vendors, and elected officials; notification of issues concerning libraries by receiving state and national news briefs, listserv discussions, and flyers promoting activities of interest; and many more. See the complete list of benefits at our Membership Benefits page.

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ALLA COMmunicator is the Association's quarterly newsletter. The COMmunicator will keep our members up-to-date on the Association. Each edition will include highlights from the Executive Council meetings, upcoming events, and calls to action. We encourage our members and those interested in the Association to keep up-to-date with us by reading each new edition of the ALLA COMmunicator.

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