Intellectual Freedom Committee

ALLA's Intellectual Freedom Committee "encourages discussion and debate among librarians concerning selection and censorship of materials; keeps librarians in the State informed on matters of significance in support of intellectual freedom; maintains an active channel with the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom; encourages support of the Library Bill of Rights of the American Library Association and all other programs relating to the free access of information; maintains membership with the Freedom to Read Foundation and the chairman of the committee serves as liaison officer; explores ways of stimulating self-awareness of personal opinions and prejudices, which may interfere with objective selection practices; develops intellectual freedom continuing education programs for librarians and their staffs; acts as a referral and adjudicative agency for problems relating to censorship in Alabama libraries; and assists beleaguered librarians, library trustees, or concerned library users who request information, moral support, or advice on steps to take if a censorship controversy is not easily settled; investigates actual or alleged library censorship cases in the State in a constructive manner and recommends to the Council an appropriate response when action is considered necessary." -- Alabama Library Association Handbook, 9.4. 

Intellectual Freedom Committee News

ALLA's Intellectual Freedom Committee had the honor of kicking off ALA's 50 State Salute to Banned Books Week. Go to ALA's OIF's September 25, 2012 Blog entry to read more about the Banned Books Week and our Committee's video. 

Contact the Chair if you would like more information about or to help with the Intellectual Freedom Committee.


Jesscia Hayes
Auburn University at Montgomery