Alabama Censorship Data & Infographics

Want the facts and figures behind the ongoing controversy? Use these resources to learn more. 

Please note: this section will change as more data is obtained through public records request or individual research - check back frequently to get the most recent information!

Statewide Data 
What is Being Challenged? - The library materials that have been or are being challenged at "hotspot libraries," and what the challengers are saying.  

Patron-Formal Challenges - The number of library patrons vs. the number of formal challenges at "hotspot libraries" 

Topic Breakdown in Young Adult and Children's Collections - The comparison of topics represented in the young adult and children's collections at
"hotspot libraries" 


Individual Library Data 
Autauga-Prattville Public Library 

Ozark-Dale Public Library

North Shelby Library

Fairhope Public Library