Workshop Planning


When planning a workshop, follow these steps:
Submit a “C-8: Workshop Budget Estimate and Review Form" (available in both Word and PDF) to the Chair of the Budget & Finance Committee via the Association Administrator as soon as possible. Complete as much of the column marked “Estimate” as is applicable. Submit one form for each workshop and give enough explanation so that the Committee will understand what you plan to do.
Following the workshop, revenues collected should be sent directly to the Association Administrator. If you have cash, keep the cash and send a personal check to the Association Administrator.
Within one week—or as soon as possible—after the workshop, submit to the Association Administrator another copy of the “Program Estimate and Review” form on which you complete as much as is applicable in the column marked “Actual.” Enclose any bills or statements for reimbursement, which should be made.
If there are changes in the workshop after the form has been submitted contact the Chair of the Budget & Finance Committee.
It is Association policy that workshops and conferences bring in at least enough revenue to cover their expenses plus 25% for administrative costs.


If you have any questions about the form or the process, please contact the Association Administrator Angie Moore at [email protected] or 334-414-0113.