Defend Libraries Against Censorship

Since early 2023, several Alabama libraries have faced censorship attacks, with many fights escalating into local battles over library funding and autonomy. 

The war has now moved to the state level as elected officials threaten to cut Alabama libraries funding or criminalize ordinary library practices. 

Alabama Library Association is committed to stand with Alabama librarians and other dedicated partners to resist these attempts. 

But we need help from all those who support constitutional principles, champion the rights of all Alabama parents, and believe the publicly-funded libraries should reflect all Alabama taxpayers. 

If that is you, please use this section to learn how you can help the Alabama Library Association to fight back against extremism and censorship.  


Public Librarians Counterproposal - January 31, 2024

When the APLS Administrative Code public comment period begins on Feb. 1st, The Alabama Library Association will present the APLS Board with a comprehensive counterproposal to Governor Kay Ivey's proposed changes. Crafted by a dedicated team of Alabama public librarians, the counterproposal addresses Governor Ivey's concerns by recommending practical solutions that align with professional best practices for public libraries.

If the governor’s proposed code changes are incorporated by the APLS Executive Council, Alabama public library boards will be required to create policies on unsupervised minors, library displays, and material location and/or reconsideration procedure. In the counterproposal, the Alabama Library Association adheres to the Alabama code requiring public libraries to be “easily available” to “all citizens” regardless of age. The counterproposal clarifies that public librarians cannot stand in loco parentis to determine the suitability of materials for a minor child.  

The counterproposal also incorporates Governor Ivey’s recommendation that public funds spent on the American Library Association will be approved in an open public meeting prior to being disbursed. with a chance for the public to make comments. 

The Alabama Library Association will hold town halls to encourage their membership, librarians, library employees, library boards, and library supporters to incorporate these amendments into their own public comments to the APLS Board.

 Read the Counterproposal here!



Alabama Libraries Data on Censorship Battles