Bylaws Committee

ALLA's Bylaws Committee "continually reviews Association Bylaws and Bylaws of the Alabama Library Association Scholarship and Loan Fund, Inc., provides a representative at each Council meeting to answer any questions raised pertaining to or affecting bylaws; presents proposed changes to Council. If Council approves changes, the committee prepares the proposed change, in accordance with the bylaws, for consideration by the membership; reviews proposed changes of Division and Round Table Bylaws to check for consistency and adherence to Association Bylaws; assists in these revision procedures as needed. .The committee includes the Vice-President/President-Elect, the bylaws chairman of each division and the chairman of the Handbook Committee." -- Alabama Library Association Handbook, 9.4.

The Bylaws Committee chairman also serves on the Handbook Committee.

Contact the Chair if you would like more information about or to help with the Bylaws Committee.


Peggy Kain
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Mervyn H. Sterne Library